Adirondack Ice Fishing Report 1/9/2022

The Adirondacks are mostly solid at the moment after a few cold snaps. Looking at 5-7” of ice on most ponds and smaller lakes in Essex and Franklin counties. Things are looking good and we are able to expand our reach finally and hit some new bodies of water. Fishing lately has been awesome. Lots of perch and variety of pan fish and very active pike and bass fishing. Trip the other day had us chasing flags consistently and jigging fish in between. Larger bodies of water that have a lot of wind or a strong flow are still very sketchy. We are currently guiding on smaller bodies of water that we know are completely locked up. That will change soon with another cold snap on the horizon, and thankfully no snow. Some of our guides are hitting Schroon Lake today, some smaller panfish ponds for action, and a local favorite with lake trout mixed in. We hit a trip to the Saint Lawrence river this week for walleye and had some success, although slower compared to how it could be. Thanks to Bobby Helms for hooking up the trip.