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Adirondack Ice Fishing Report 1/20/2022

We have had a very busy month of guiding with MLK weekend in the mix. We had excellent ice conditions throughout the Essex and Franklin counties with many lakes having over 12 inches of black ice with little to no snow cover. Fishing has been active for perch, Lake Trout and the pike fishing has […]

Adirondack Ice Fishing Report 1/9/2022

The Adirondacks are mostly solid at the moment after a few cold snaps. Looking at 5-7” of ice on most ponds and smaller lakes in Essex and Franklin counties. Things are looking good and we are able to expand our reach finally and hit some new bodies of water. Fishing lately has been awesome. Lots […]

Adirondack Ice Fishing Report 1/3/22

Recent weather has made the ice in the Essex and Franklin county regions turn to junk. Snow covered slush and variable ice throughout much of the region. There are pockets of decent ice if you explore the region, but many of the go to lakes and ponds have been on hold. They will be back […]

Adirondack Ice Fishing Report 12/29/21

Finally. After a string of warm weather Winter has returned to the region. Sage Ice has starting to set up throughout Essex and Franklin counties, our primary zones. We had 5 separate groups out today chasing pike, bass and panfish and had pretty consistent action throughout the day. It wasn’t a super productive day, but […]

Adirondack Ice Fishing Report 12/6/21

Took a trip to Fern Lake today in the Black Brook region. The ice was only 2” thick and mostly cloudy and weak. Lots of anglers saying on social media that the Saranac Region, and the ADK region are frozen and we encourage everyone to use caution. Although some smaller lakes protected from wind may […]