Strong Bookings for 2024! Call to Book!

Fishing Guide Evan Bottcher pulls up a keeper sized perch to the delight of the Payne family, Norah 9, Henry 8 and their father Adam.

The excitement for the 2024 ice fishing season is high. We have had favorable weather this November and early December for ice building and as long as we don’t get an early season thaw we should have enough ice for the New Year break. Lots of Trips booked for the holiday so we are hoping for cold weather leading up to the holidays. Some high elevation ponds have two inches of full coverage. Fingers Crossed! Our most popular winter trip is our Two Hour Group Outing which is a two hour outings for 4 anglers including all the gear. Perfect for a family or group of anglers looking to experience ice fishing without taking up a full day. Give us a call at 970-946-6310 to book or send an email to